What Other People Say About Us...

Wendy's resume writing saved me! In a quick manner she organized bits of information I sent her, asked me a list of questions and wa la! I had a working resume. I haven't had a resume in 10 years that represented who I am today. It's the first time I thought I look good on paper now. She reminded me of things to add by the questions she asked that have never been on my resume. Thanks Wendy. You have a great gift of writing and I'm grateful for your work.

Marie M (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the great job you did in compiling and writing my professional resume and application letter.  Wow, what a brilliant professional service you offer.  Needless to say, I got the job I applied for and am now very happy.  I will be recommending your services to others.  By the way, my wife also needs a professional resume and will definitely be coming to see you for you to do her documents also.  Thanks again, job well done.

Mohammed R (Melbourne, Australia)

My CV was turned from a sows ear into a silk purse!

Melanie P (Melbourne, Australia)

In one conversation over a cup of tea, Wendy managed to draw out from me the changes I wanted to make in my career and wove that into my resume. She tailored cover letters to assist in my role applications and I got one of the roles I was after. She has an uncanny ability to draw out relevant skills and word it succinctly yet powerfully enough so there is no ambiguity

Audrey M (Melbourne, Australia)

I first asked Wendy to look at my CV in 2007 when I needed a Professional impact as I was just about to hit the job market after being in a full time role for 11yrs.

The CV was so spectacular I had 5 job offers to choose from within days of sending to multiple recruiters. I took up a Telco role and was contracting at 3 times more money than my full time role. I cannot thank her enough and recently, about 7 years later I'm once again asking for her magic touch as the job market has changed with so many people on the hunt for jobs, my CV needed to stand out from the crowd to show my Skills were here on display.

I've had such a positive response again with many interviews that will lead to securing another perfect role. Well done and thanks again with my highest of recommendations. PS, thanks for also helping me get my professional Network profile updated and the tips of using it to my advantage, as that had many hits from companies and recruitment agencies.

Dommy G (Melbourne, Australia)

I have found this process to be very beneficial. It had provided with me with the opportunity to understand the typical format of a resume as well as gain an idea of what length one should be and the information that is generally included. I feel confident now to go forward with the model and structure that Wendy has provided me with and to make small alterations as needed depending on the type of job I apply for.  Having this guidance as a new graduate has been invaluable. Thank you for all the work you have put into this, Wendy

Isabel L (Melbourne, Australia)

Wendy Alexander’s brilliance and her ability to document my 14 years of IT experience across the continents empowers me to be visible to the Australian market. I have never had such an easy to explain resume on what I can offer to the role. The concise grasp of 3 pages of information enables the interview to flow without continuous explanations on the same questions trying to express what value I bring towards the organisation. Without a doubt in my mind Wendy’s assistance has been the best investment for me personally.

Lucas K (Melbourne, Australia)

I am thrilled with the end result of my new and improved Resume. Working with Wendy was a very structured and effortless experience. I gave her the words, my old documents and some roles which appeal to me and she weaved her magic to consolidate and focus on the important aspects of my life’s work experience. Wendy helped me sort through the clutter and gain more clarity in the process. Thank you so much.

Sheryl F (Melbourne, Australia)

Thank you Wendy for quickly turning my resume into a professional, concise and informative document. Like many of us my resume was too long - Wendy was able to massage it into a 3 page document which stands out from the crowd. I can’t wait for my new resume to work its magic and get me my dream job! I won’t hesitate to recommend your wonderful services to friends and colleagues.

Sophia H (Melbourne, Australia)

Wendy did an amazing job of creating the most professional resume I have had in my working career. From having one conversation with me she was able to turn my 6 page resume into 3 and turn it around in hours. I feel more confident now that I am looking for a new role that I will be able to land an interview. I am also very grateful for the document that she gave me for updating my LinkedIn profile as I never really knew what to put on this before. Thank you Wendy for the great work that you have done.

Maryanne T (Melbourne, Australia)

Much appreciate for going through my CV on such a short notice to help me revamp my CV and turn it around quickly, now my CV definitely looks better than previously and much easier to read. I especially like my professional profile section which is now much easier and clear to understand. I sent my resume to few friends and agencies for jobs and already have positive comments, which is a big bonus for me and hoping to land in a great job. I am surely this new look will help me get what I want.

Kabir R (India)

Hi Wendy I don't have enough words to thank and appreciate your assistance in doing my resume. I was wondering why I was not getting the attention from job agents despite having all the skills, experience and the qualifications. Now I know how important the presentation of the resume would be. After re-arranging and fine tuning my resume to highlight my skills and experience, I have got a very positive response from all the jobs I applied and was short-listed for the interviews. Now, it's up to me to convince the hiring manager at the interview and to pick the best job offer. Once again, thank you very much for helping me to fulfil my dreams.

Christy A (India)

Thanks for your great help and wonderful suggestions. Its been lovely talking to you. You have been of great help in this short time period given. I have gone through both CV and KSC and I am happy with what is written.

N, Lavu - Melbourne, Australia

I used Resume Elevator and found them to be thorough, professional and having insights into what makes a good CV great! They put together a CV that was easy to read and more than covered off what I was trying to say very succinctly and in a format that has impressed many agents that I had my old CV with.

Tony F. Melbourne, Australia

The review was thorough. The updates were relevant and specific addressing the weak spots of the resume, replaced vague or ambiguous sections with clear goals and results achieved. I was very satisfied with the thoroughness and fast service provided.

Allwyn J. Melbourne, Australia

I really appreciate the work and effort that you put into rebuilding my resume. You took my work experience and studies and developed it into something powerful. With the revamped resume, requests for interviews came in by the dozens. I accepted 3 interviews and I received 2 job offers. Thank you again, your re-work to my resume really made a difference!

Nicole B (South Africa)

Thank you Wendy for doing such a fantastic job on updating my resume. I now feel confident in applying for positions knowing how to best present my experience through examples which really capture the value in each role.

Taryn (Melbourne, Australia)

Every one is different and has different needs so please send me an email to get started with your new resume - Wendy@resumeelevator.com