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Why You Need To Be "Career Change" Ready All The Time

You’ve just got a package or your company is ‘downsizing’ or you’re in a toxic job that’s sucking the life out of you

Say you’re earning $100,000 a year which, to make the numbers easy, is about $2,000 per week

For every WEEK you’re out of work it costs you $2,000 - every month is $8,000

The bills won't stop - but the money just did...

And that’s just the income

What's it costing you and your family for you to come home stressed and in a foul mood from a toxic job you should have left years ago?

Changing The Lives Of Professional People

Join the many other people who have used Resume Elevator to easily change their jobs and careers

Have you swapped your life for a steady pay check and abandoned your passions for a good job?
Do your mortgage payments and bills chain you to a job you hate?

That was me – Wendy Alexander - I stayed in my good job for 20+ years.

But I changed and now I run my life and work on my terms.
If a broke, single mum can change - then so can you.

You’ve turned up every day, so you have resilience, commitment and tenacity - qualities that are gold in today’s world of shiny objects and make-believe Instagram lifestyles.
If the latest company restructure left you jobless or you’re in a job you hate then it’s a perfect time to change.

You have skills and experience you can turn into a job you love or your own business.
But you’ll need fresh eyes to help you cut the self-doubt and past conditioning that kept you stuck in the 9 to 5.

My company, Resume Elevator delivers tools and mindset secrets so you’re "career change" ready instead of constantly living in fear of restructures, redundancies and outsourcings.

The Way We Deliver This Is By

  • Clarifying what you’ve achieved versus what you do and why that matters
  • Constructing your career documents to showcase you and what you offer
  • Teaching you how to work with recruiters and confidently ace interviews
  • Coaching you to banish anxiety from job loss, age discrimination or career change
  • Pinpointing the core skills you already have so you can transition into the career you really love

Clarify What You've Done

A Hiring Manager scans your resume for 10 seconds and decides if you're worth interviewing.

Your past experience has to clearly show what you’ve delivered, not just what you did.

You have to prove what value you’ll bring to your new team.

We know the secret language hiring managers and recruiters look for in a top notch resume.

Build Your Career Documents

As an ex-corporate Hiring Manager - I know what hiring managers and recruiters look for.

Your resume is your starting point - you'll also need a stand out LinkedIn profile and cover letter and...

These are all documents that Showcase You - documents that turn you from a ho-hum candidate to a must interview candidate.

Fearlessly Ace Your Interviews and Work With Recruiters

Congratulations - your new career documents got you the interview - now what?

You get over 3 hours of high value video showing you how to;

  • Ace any interview you walk into by simply following the basics - a few key points and good manners never go out of style
  • Answer the top 20 most common interview questions - you'll be nervous so here's your "cheat sheet" of the best answers
  • Stop worrying that you're "too old" - we age-proof your resume and reveal the No 1 surprising world wide trend you can tap into
  • Handle the "cultural fit" interview questions - once you know what they're REALLY looking for it's easier to answer the questions

See The Results Other People Just Like You Are

Getting When They're "Career Change" Ready

Pieter Kooy

Wendy recently updated my resume and the result was outstanding. The process Wendy follows ensures that the completed resume accurately reflects your professional experience and abilities. Wendy was recommended to me by a colleague who has been using Wendy's service for a number of years and I in turn have and will continue to recommend Wendy and the service she provides.

Pieter Kooy, Project Manager - Telstra Wideband at Downer
Lucas Knott

Wendy Alexander’s brilliance and her ability to document my 14 years of IT experience across the continents empowers me to be visible to the Australian market. I have never had such an easy to explain resume on what I can offer to the role. The concise grasp of 3 pages of information enables the interview to flow without continuous explanations on the same questions trying to express what value I bring towards the organization. Without a doubt in my mind Wendy’s assistance has been the best investment for me personally.

Lucas Knott, IT Program Manager at Toll Group
Nicole Baatjes

I really appreciate the work and effort that you put into rebuilding my resume. You took my work experience and studies and developed it into something powerful. With the revamped resume, requests for interviews came in by the dozens. I accepted 3 interviews and I received 2 job offers. Thank you again, your re-work to my resume really made a difference!

Nicole Baatjes, Snr. Specialist Billing Operations at Vodacom
Kim McMaster

Wendy is excellent connecting with people on a level that makes them feel comfortable. She allows you to open up so she can get the information required to produce a very well written resume. She coaches you to recogonise your strength and weaknesses in a way you may never had considered previously. She has a very strong work ethic and loves to help people find their passion in life. Due to Wendy's high standards and discipline I've witnessed her help others become successful in the job hunting process. I highly recommend Wendy if you need any coaching or help with your resume.

Kim McMaster, Client Relationship Manager
Graeme Sissing

I approached Wendy to rewrite my resume due to her experience and previous success stories in resume writing and interview coaching. I have had more positive responses from job applications since submitting my new resume. Wendy's advice and support in my application process was invaluable. I will draw on Wendy's advice and support as part of future job applications. I highly recommend Wendy for resume advice and interview techniques.

Graeme Sissing, Research Volunteer at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Pomona Tsang

In this tight job market, a job seeker should know how to catch recruiters' attention and understand what they are looking. Wendy was very responsive and gave me a lot of advice on how to upgrade my resume. The upgrade resume is high quality and tells the recruiters my achievements very clearly. I highly recommend Wendy for any job seekers.

Pomona Tsang, Agile Business Analyst | Scrum Master
Emad Haddad

I had an engagement with Wendy a few weeks ago, a coaching session to prepare me for a challenging interview. The one-hour session we had was very informative and full of valuable tips and insights. The coaching technique was very creative and productive. Wendy came to the session well prepared with an excellent understanding of my work experience/achievements through her thorough review of my resume. She even gave some suggestion to enhance a few areas in the resume. Her engagement approach was professional, natural, and transparent. As a result of that engagement, I managed to secure that role..... many thanks to Wendy for her brilliant coaching.

Emad Haddad, Client Engagement Manager at Revera
Sonia Noonan

A colleague of mine referred me to Wendy and gave me great feedback on her resume writing skills. I gave Wendy a 6 page boring resume as a starting point, initially I was nervous on how she can translate and present my 26 years of experience in less than 3 pages. I was overjoyed with the end results, a truly awesome representation. The most valuable thing for me was the process and Wendy’s approach in writing my resume, I felt proud, confident and empowered. This lead me to ask Wendy to be my career coach which is transforming my life. Wendy’s energy, generosity, experiences and positive outlook is an inspiration to me. I highly recommend Wendy, the best investment you will ever make.

Sonia Noonan, Contract Management Lead - Telstra
Alex Wilson

Wendy turned my resume from a generic, ‘run of the mill’ 7 page application into an efficient and glowing CV with immediate impact. I was impressed with the turnaround and communication throughout the process, Wendy is a professional and knows how to get the best result for her clients. As a tradesman, it was important for my hands on experience to shine through and speak in a language that really resonated with the recipients. I couldn’t have produced a result like this without Wendy and I would highly recommend her no matter what profession you are in.

Alex Wilson, Technical Support Manager (Contracts, Sales) at A.G. Coombs
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Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

  • Why should I trust you with my resume?

    We’ve worked in Corporate and Technology for many years where we’ve seen loads of staff churn. We’ve also had to refine our career documents to give us the edge when job hunting. And we’ve worked in a lot of places where we’ve had to employ a lot of people so we know both sides of the fence.
    Plus we’re passionate writers.
    So we know what the industry wants, what someone looking for a job wants, what someone offering a job wants and how to say it so it looks irresistible.

  • I’ve been in IT for over 30 years. I’m one of the top in my field and my skills are current but because of my age I’m not even getting to an interview. What can I do?

    There’s a lot you can do so that you make it to the interview. A few easy fixes include; Take your birthday off your resume, List jobs for the last 10-15 years only, do NOT fax your resume, use email only, list only your current tech skills as anything from 1959 is not relevant. And there’s plenty other things only a professional resume writer will do to make you look ‘young’ and very experienced.

  • I’ve been told I’m too qualified for this role, what gives?

    You’re probably showing too much professional education. Or you’ve listed every skill you’ve ever been good at since 1st grade. No, the answer is not ‘dumbing down’ your resume. The answer is tailoring your resume and cover letter to address each specific requirement raised in the job advertisement. When we re-write your resume we do this for you, it’s what we do to make you look good. In other words; we answer the questions they’re asking you…

  • I’m sick of working as a DBA and want to get into Project Management Office stuff, but my resume is all about DBA work. What can you do?

    We tailor your resume and cover letters to get you the interviews you want. You’ve got a lot of good skills already so we’ll highlight the ones relevant to your new career and downplay the not-so-relevant ones. And they key point is that a professional resume writer knows how to tailor your resume and cover letters to help you get the interview.

  • Why can’t I just use some resume-writing software or a template?

    Seeing something that offers you 100’s of templates online and promises you’ll have a ‘professional resume in under 10 minutes’ seems too good to be true. And like most things that seem too good to be true, they are. Well, let’s qualify that. If you’re going for a job at Maccas or Burger King, then it’s probably fine. If you’re going for a professional IT / Corporate job, then definitely not. Nothing, absolutely nothing beats the quality an experienced resume writer gets you.

  • Do I need to fill in all of your questionnaire

    Yes and no. Your existing resume covers your jobs, dates you were at each job and company names. What we’re really after is what you did and contributed at each job. This is the secret sauce to an interview-getting resume. If the same stuff, the title and dates are in your existing resume then please leave them out. There’s no value in copying and pasting stuff for the sake of completing a form. Concentrate on the value add questions. The more time you spend here, the better resume you get.

  • I was unemployed for 8 months. How do I explain the gap in my resume?

    Relax, we make you look good no matter what. And it’s not really as big a deal as you think it is. Everyone knows there’s been some tough times in the current job market and a few months off is no big issue.

  • What paper do you use?

    Are you kidding me? We use the latest tech. All our communication is electronic and we deliver your final resume, cover letters etc electronically. No paper…

  • When do I pay?

    You pay up front before we start any work.

  • Do you have a student or unemployed discount?

    Many people come to us only when they’re unemployed and desperate to land an interview. So sorry, no.

  • You say you’re good, but what’s your hit rate?

    We don’t keep stats on our ‘hit rate’ but we can tell you that; – Most of our business comes from referrals – We get a lot of happy customers coming back for updates – We’ve been writing resumes for many years and keep getting great feedback. And you can check out our feedback here.

  • Why do I have to pay upfront?

    Most of our customers come back for regular resume updates before seeking their next role. So if we have to chase you for payment, it sours the relationship. And, this policy helps us keep our costs, and hence your fees down.

Why Should I Trust You With My Resume?

3 things, 3 very big things give me an unfair advantage over anyone else claiming to work miracles with your resume

  • Number 1 – I’ve worked in Corporate for over 20 years
  • Number 2 – I’ve been a hiring manager for a lot of years
  • Number 3 – I’m a writer

Let Me Expand On That...

1 - I've Worked In Corporate For Over 20 Years

I’ve worked lots of contract and permanent jobs and I’ve applied for a lot more jobs than I’ve gotten.

So I know what it’s like to go through interview after interview and what it’s like to not get a call back from a recruiter.

I’ve been there.

I’m guilty of spamming my crappy resume to every advert I could find hoping that sheer numbers would land me a gig.

Been there too.

And I learnt the hard way that it just doesn’t work that way.

So I decided to figure out why my resume wasn’t working.

With the help of many, many recruiters I wrote and re-wrote my resume more times than I can count until it started ‘working’.

I started getting call backs within hours of applying for a role and that’s when I knew I’d cracked the secret language that recruiters and hiring managers know.

I started updating friends resumes as a favour and coaching them for interviews. Then they started getting call backs and landing interviews and getting jobs they only ever dreamed of.

After that it was only a matter of time before we started offering this service to more good and hardworking people struggling to land interviews.

2 - I've Been A Hiring Manager

I’ve been a hiring manager for a lot of years so I’ve seen way too many crappy resumes.

And this is after the recruiters’ first cull.

I know what people-who-hire-people look for in a candidate and their resume.

Let me just say that again....

I know what people-who-hire-people look for in a candidate and their resume.

3 - I'm A Writer

That’s been my passion since childhood.

I can string together a grammatically correct English language sentence and make it sound like you’re the best and only candidate for any interview out there.

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  • Successfully Working With Recruiters Video - Understand What the REAL Relationship Is With Your Recruiter
  • How To Handle "Cultural Interview" Video - The Latest Hot Topic Everyone Gets Asked In Interviews
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