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Why You Need To Be "Career Change" Ready All The Time

You’ve just got a package or your company is ‘downsizing’ or you’re in a toxic job that’s sucking the life out of you

Say you’re earning $100,000 a year which, to make the numbers easy, is about $2,000 per week

For every WEEK you’re out of work it costs you $2,000 - every month is $8,000

The bills won't stop - but the money just did...

And that’s just the income

What's it costing you and your family for you to come home stressed and in a foul mood from a toxic job you should have left years ago?

I help professionals increase their income, get promotions or confidently change careers without compromising their health, relationships and peace of mind. It’s about thriving not just surviving in all areas of life.

Have you swapped your passions for a good job and steady pay check?
Do your bills chain you to a job you hate?
Have you been tossed into a tight job market, a victim of the latest restructure or GFC?
That was me once – staying chained to uninspiring jobs and dissatisfied, wondering if there was more to life than simply working to pay bills.

But things changed when I changed and now I run my life and work on my terms.
If a broke, single mum, drowning in debt and bills can change - then so can you.

You turn up every day, even when you don’t feel like it so you have resilience and commitment, qualities that are gold in a world of fake Instagram lifestyles.
You have skills and experience you can turn into a job you love or your own business.
But you’ll need fresh eyes to help you cut the self-doubt and past conditioning that keeps you stuck in the 9 to 5.

My company, Resume Elevator and my HAPPY Career Success Programs deliver tools and mindset secrets so you fearlessly get the job you want, the promotions and income you want and ultimately the lifestyle you want.
We deliver this by;


• Clarifying what you’ve achieved versus what you do and why that matters,
• Constructing your career documents to showcase you and what you offer,
• Teaching you how to work with hirers and confidently ace interviews,
• Coaching you to ditch anxiety from job loss, age discrimination or career change,
• Pinpointing the core skills you already have to change to a career you really love

See The Results Other People Just Like You Are

Getting When They're "Career Change" Ready

Ken Kadali

Wendy is a gifted writer with a flair for people. That combination is what makes her great at what she does. Be it Resume, Cover Letter, or LinkedIn, she will make you stand out from the rest.

I came across Wendy on LinkedIn when I was searching for someone to help me with changing my Career Path. Obviously, this needed more than just a revamp of Resume and cover letter. Right from day one, she has been fully engaged in my development. She is a great listener and spent a good amount of time knowing my Story, so she could incorporate that in my profile.

Career success is not just about having a well-paid job. There are a lot of moving parts to that Engine. The 'Healthy 6 Figure Package' engages these aspects stage-by-stage and enables you to master them, which in turn, help you in landing your dream role. Success is a journey, not a destination, and if you believe it too, then look no further - this program is for you.

Ken Kadali, Senior PM and Scrum Master
Logan N.

I would definitely recommend Wendy.

She is very giving with her knowledge and time. In a single session she helped me prepare for final round interviews.

I landed 2 job offers in the same week and accepted my top preference.

Thank you again Wendy. Will definitely be reaching out to you again for further coaching sessions.

Logan N., Project Engineer at Metrotrains
Bridgit English

My resume has been written over a few years and in that time it had got a tad out of hand. I probably like you reading this, am not a subject matter expert on recruiting, hiring or writing eloquently about myself. In this era of significant changes to the job market and the different medium and agencies through which roles are now advertised - it is a minefield for anyone seeking to find a placement in a role appropriate to their skills and value. That's why I hired/outsourced/invested (yes all of those) in using Wendy's skills. Wendy's turnaround was phenomenal, her interpretation of what was in my CV (like unscrambling scrambled egg I would think), her ability to detect from a short conversation what matters to me and to be able to present that back in a succinct way that I anticipate will provide clarity to hiring managers as to why Bridgit is worth interviewing. Wendy is honest to a fault and that is what is needed ahead of going out in to the greater job universe - listen to her, it will stand you in good stead.

Bridgit English, Collaborative Executive Manager
Pieter Kooy

Wendy recently updated my resume and the result was outstanding. The process Wendy follows ensures that the completed resume accurately reflects your professional experience and abilities. Wendy was recommended to me by a colleague who has been using Wendy's service for a number of years and I in turn have and will continue to recommend Wendy and the service she provides.

Pieter Kooy, Project Manager - Telstra Wideband at Downer
Lucas Knott

Wendy Alexander’s brilliance and her ability to document my 14 years of IT experience across the continents empowers me to be visible to the Australian market. I have never had such an easy to explain resume on what I can offer to the role. The concise grasp of 3 pages of information enables the interview to flow without continuous explanations on the same questions trying to express what value I bring towards the organization. Without a doubt in my mind Wendy’s assistance has been the best investment for me personally.

Lucas Knott, IT Program Manager at Toll Group
Nicole Baatjes

I really appreciate the work and effort that you put into rebuilding my resume. You took my work experience and studies and developed it into something powerful. With the revamped resume, requests for interviews came in by the dozens. I accepted 3 interviews and I received 2 job offers. Thank you again, your re-work to my resume really made a difference!

Nicole Baatjes, Snr. Specialist Billing Operations at Vodacom
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