100% Done For You - Senior Manager Solution

You have more than 10 years IT Industry experience and you’re looking for your next senior management or executive role and need a killer resume so you shortlist for the interview you want

The tools you get include...

2 Professionally Written Resumes

2 professionally written, tailored-for-the-interview-you-want resumes in MS Word format. You send us the exact job specification or let us know what career change you want and we'll do the rest. You've done great work over the years and we make you look as good on paper as you are in real life.

3 Professional Cover Letters Over 3 Weeks

3 cover letters over 3 weeks because the interviews you want will not happen at the same time, so you can take your time and get the interview you really want

11 Quick and Easy Steps to Ace Your Interview - Bonus Guide

Hundreds of different and difficult questions may be thrown at you during an interview and there are hundreds of great answers, and that’s before anyone starts to question your skills. But above all the tricky HR and ‘lateral thinking' questions, the basic time-tested principles for successful interviews are very simple and work in all cultures and all companies - this bonus guide gives you the top 11.

Top 17 Things To Make Recruiters Love You - Bonus Guide

IT industry recruiters lead a tough life - they're hassled by their customers for the perfect candidate, IT people have great skills but lousy resumes and recruiters are stuck in the middle sorting through hundreds of resumes to find the perfect match with management breathing down their necks to do it faster and cheaper - so here are a few simple tips so your recruiter picks you for that magic interview

21 Secrets To Make LinkedIn Work For You - Bonus Guide

LinkedIn is no longer a nerd central hangout, it's an IT industry 'must have' tool with an amazing 94% of all recruiters using LinkedIn to search for and background check applicants.
If you're not on LinkedIn - you're missing out - so here's our exclusive guide to making LinkedIn work for you with a list of what to show, what recruiters really look at, what photo to use and the one question you want to ask your old boss...

LinkedIn Made Easy - List of Things To Upgrade - Change - Do

A full report and list of things for you to change or upgrade or do to make your LinkedIn profile shine, it's as easy as following the steps we've listed for you 1 - 2 - 3...