How to End Long, Fluffy, Annoying Candidate Resumes Once and for All

We Make It Easy for You to Place Candidates

A well formatted, well written, accurate, short, role-focused candidate resume makes your life easier.

If you see the things you need to see straight away, then straight away your customer sees the value as well.

You’re not wading through 6 pages of fluff trying to decide if this person knows what they’re doing because it’s right there. You see their strengths and quantified achievements.

And your customers see a consistent format time after time.

Each candidate you put forward – they see the same format - the same thing each time so you look like the professional you are and not just a body shop flicking on resume after resume with no value add.

Re-Writing Lousy Resumes Sucks Up Your Customer-Facing Time – The Time You Make Your Money

Your job is to place candidates.

So that means you get paid when you place someone in a role.

And sure, part of placing candidates means working with some of them to get them market ready but not for every single one who comes through the door.

But why are you wasting your time cleaning up candidate resumes?

It’s not your job.

You don’t get paid on how many resumes you ‘clean up’.

You get paid on how many candidates you place.

Why are you wasting your precious selling time re-writing resumes when you can outsource your problem and earn a commission on top?

You Get a Quick Solution to Your Pet Hate and Time Waste

A few business days and your candidate’s got their new upgraded resume.

It really is that simple.

The time may vary depending on how quickly your candidate gets us the information we need and how much work their resume needs.

But it’s better than you burning through your lunch time to get a resume to your corporate client.

Your Candidate Gets a LinkedIn Upgrade

Every resume upgrade customer gets our 21 Secrets To Make LinkedIn Work For You guide.

This shows them how to make their LinkedIn profile look professional, match up with their resume and make it work for them.

It’s a free bonus, it’s laid out step-by-step and it works.

We Teach Your Candidates How to Work With You - Not Against You

Every resume upgrade customer also gets our Top 17 Things to Make Recruiters Love You free bonus guide.

We show them nicely the top 17 things to avoid annoying the bollocks out of you.

And yes, most of these things they should have learned in kindergarten, but haven’t – so we tell them again.

We Share the Basics of Nailing the Interview

And we give your candidates an interview success guide as well - 11 Quick and Easy Steps to Ace Your Interview.

All easy things.

All things that seem like common sense but are seldom seen.

Such as don’t bring your coffee to the interview, shower that morning and don’t overdose on perfume.

Not hard – not unusual – but so very often missed.

The more value we add to your candidate and the easier we make it for them to shine at their interview – the better you look for recommending a resume upgrade.

And - We Test Your Candidate so You Know What You're Getting

International Knowledge Management company IKM is employed by Fortune 100 companies around the world to profile the knowledge and skills of IT candidates and employees.

Normally people pay hundreds of dollars to sit the tests so they can show them off on their resume.

But we include two free assessments with every resume upgrade.

Yes – it’s all included in the upgrade.

Rather than the usual blind assessment sprung on them when candidates in the door, we get them to sit a before and after online test so they look great on their resume.

That’s right. They test themselves first – they ‘study up’ on their skills – and then they re-test themselves.

And we include the re-test in their resume so you can see the relative skill level of your candidate.

Relevant Key Words, Clear Achievements and Professional Format

You know what you’re getting.

You’ve seen the before-and-after samples and you see the difference.

Your clients appreciate not wading through 7 pages of fluff to find the hidden gem of value in your candidate.

How much easier would your day be if all your candidates sent you the ‘after’ resume rather than the ‘before’ resume?

You Get a Proven Product

And you’ve seen what our customers have to say about their Resume Upgrades.

All these real people are thanking us for the difference we’ve made to their lives.

Scripted Introductions Included

To make live even easier for you we give you some easy-to-use conversation starters to recommend a resume upgrade.

Here's one example of how we help you start the conversation;

You’ve got some great work history but it’s hard for me to see your key strengths and achievements. And frankly I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending your resume to an employer as it is now. I know you’ve put a lot of work into your resume but sometimes you have to take a step back and let someone else help. We use a specialist resume writer and reviewer who’s given us great results. I’ll send you a link and my discount code. I believe it’s well worth the investment in this job market.

It really is that easy. There are other intros you'll use to start the referral process and we'll send you all of them.

We’ve Got the Experience to Produce Interview - Getting Resumes

4 things, 4 very big things give me an unfair advantage over anyone else claiming to work miracles with your resumes.

Number 1 – We do only IT industry resumes. We don’t do pastry cooks or midwives. We only take on resumes where we know we deliver the best result.

Number 2 – I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years. I’ve worked lots of contract and permanent jobs and I’ve applied for a lot more jobs than I’ve gotten. So I know what it’s like to go through interview after interview and what it’s like to not get a call back.

I’ve been there.

I’m guilty of spamming my crappy resume to every advert I could find hoping that sheer numbers would land me a gig.

Been there too.

And I learnt the hard way that it just doesn’t work that way.

So I decided to figure out why my resume wasn’t working.

With the help of many, many recruiters I wrote and re-wrote my resume more times than I can count until it started ‘working’. I started getting call backs within hours of applying for a role and that’s when I knew I’d cracked the secret of a good resume.

I started updating friends’ resumes as a favour and coaching them for interviews. Then they started getting call backs and landing interviews and getting jobs they only ever dreamed of.

After that it was only a matter of time before we started offering this service to more good and hardworking people struggling to land interviews.

Number 3 – I’ve been hiring people for a lot of years so I’ve seen way too many crappy resumes. And this is after the recruiters’ first cull.

I know what people-who-hire-people look for in a candidate and their resume.

Number 4 – I’m a writer. That’s been my passion since childhood. I can string together a grammatically correct English language sentence and still make it sound like they’re the best and only candidate for any interview out there.

With these four things on my side we’ve helped many, many candidates get the interviews they want and so rightly deserve.

Prompt Commission Payments - We’re Easy to Deal With

You get paid on time - every time - every week.

No exceptions and no excuses.

Up To Date with the Latest Industry Wants, Needs and Desires

We do only IT industry resumes.

We live it, eat it, breathe it – it’s all we do.

We don’t do resumes for teachers, pastry cooks, operations managers or speech therapists.

We’re sure someone else does, but it ain’t us.

Since it’s all we do - we know what’s important and what’s not and what you’re really looking for.

All Work Done Locally by Experienced, English Speaking, Meticulous People

We fix other people’s problems – we don’t create them…

We Use Checklists So You Get a 100% Consistent Product back From Your Candidate

Yeah, I know it’s boring but how can we say we’re professional if we send out a half-assed product?

Every resume is checked and double checked before it goes out the door so there are no excuses – ever....

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