Here's Why Some People Always Get The First Interview They Apply For

Recruiters Spend Less Than 10 Seconds Scanning
A Resume So Yours Has To Be Exactly What They Want

That's right, most recruiters spend less than 10 seconds looking at your resume

If you're still using a 7 page layout with your goals and ambitions listed first, well - you've failed. Today's fast and lean job market demands you get your message across fast and make it recruiter friendly.

We know what recruiters look at and we know what recruiters want to see so we re-write and reformat your resume so you pass the 10 second scan

Look down...

If part of your resume looks like this, then your recruiter has already stopped reading and is onto the next resume in the pile

You're gone...

But we can fix it

Look at this update and in less text than before we've shown clearly what you've done and what you can do

Quick, clean, specific and relevant

And - your recruiter is now very interested in your resume

So what else is important?

  • Your Expensive Education

How important is your education?

Where should it appear in your resume?

How important is your 6th grade top math score to your next IT role?

These key points can make or break your resume and we know exactly what to say

  • What You Did In Your Last Job

A job description is very different from what you've achieved

Our questions get you thinking and give us the answers to show off your best work - the work recruiters are looking for

We make your resume stand out from the pack

These job descriptions both describe the same job by the same person

But we've re-written one and it got them the next interview they applied for and they landed the job

Which example does your resume look like?

Is Your Resume Getting Read? ... using a scale ranking of 1 to 7
recruiters gave professionally re-written resumes an average
rating of 6.2 for “usability" this was a 60% improvement
compared with a 3.9 before the re-write...

Your experience and work  history makes your career unique

It's your history, it's what you've done, the battles you've fought and the hours you've sacrificed to your work. No one else is like you. No one else in your industry is like you. You are unique.

We use our unique skills and experience to show your wins and your achievements so the rest of your industry understands, respects and responds to what you've done

  • Format and Layout

Do you know what parts of your resume all recruiters look at?

We do…

And we make them jump off the page and grab your recruiter by the eyeballs.

  • Your Full Name

Are you using your real name, or what you like people to call you?

Does your name give away your age?

Will they reject you for your age or welcome you for your experience?

We make sure you’re never ‘age or race discriminated’ due to your name

Your Cover Letter is the Next Step in a Series of Tests

If you started your cover letter with - To Whom it May Concern then you may as well not bother sending it

A cover letter is one more step in the process of recruiters evaluating you

Can you follow instructions? Have you addressed all the questions asked in the job description? Have you... Have you... Have you...

Google tells us there over 52 million cover letter examples out there

And sure, some are great examples but look around you at all the people applying for so many jobs and getting so many knock backs - this tells you that most of the examples are rubbish

We include a specific cover letter tailored to the job you want - one that sets you apart from the 52 million plus examples out there

94% of Recruiters Look At Your LinkedIn Profile Our Bonus LinkedIn Guide Tells You What You Must Include

LinkedIn's all about managing the brand of you

We all know the sheer volume of data anyone can see about you on the net

It's up to you to manage what people see about you

You're taking the first step of getting control of your career with a professionally written resume.

  • How Important Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is super important and you’d be surprised at what always gets the looks on your profile

We know – but do you?

And remember over 94% of recruiters check out your LinkedIn profile

  • Your Photograph?

One type of photo gets the tick while everything else – usually what everyone uses – wipes out your first interview chances

We can show you how to do it right.

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But Why Should I Trust You to Upgrade My Resume?

4 things, 4 very big things give me an unfair advantage over anyone else claiming to work miracles with your resumes

  • Number 1 - We Do Only Resumes

We don’t sell finance or mobile phone plans or your next get rich quick scheme

We only take on resumes where we know we deliver the best result

  • Number 2 – I’ve Worked in a Professional Career for Over 20 Years

I’ve worked lots of contract and permanent jobs and I’ve applied for a lot more jobs than I’ve gotten - so I know what it’s like to go through interview after interview and what it’s like to not get a call back

I’ve been there

I’m guilty of spamming my crappy resume to every advert I could find hoping that sheer numbers would land me a gig

Been there too

And I learnt the hard way that it just doesn’t work that way

So I decided to figure out why my resume wasn’t working

With the help of many, many recruiters I wrote and re-wrote my resume more times than I can count until it started ‘working’

I started getting call backs within hours of applying for a role and that’s when I knew I’d cracked the secret of a good resume

I started updating friends’ resumes as a favour and coaching them for interviews

Then they started getting call backs and landing interviews and getting jobs they only ever dreamed of

After that it was only a matter of time before we started offering this service to more good and hardworking people struggling to land interviews

  • Number 3 – I’ve Been Hiring People for a Lot of Years So I’ve Seen Way Too Many Crappy Resumes

And this is after the recruiters’ first cull

I know what people-who-hire-people look for in a candidate and their resume

Let me say that again: I know what people-who-hire-people look for in a candidate and their resume

  • Number 4 – I’m a Writer

That’s been my passion since childhood

I can string together a grammatically correct English language sentence and still make it sound like they’re the best and only candidate for any interview out there

With these four things on my side we’ve helped many, many candidates get the interviews they want and so rightly deserve

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Look What Other People Have To Say

Mohammed R.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the great job you did in compiling and writing my professional resume and application letter.
Wow, what a brilliant professional service you offer.
Needless to say, I got the job I applied for and am now very happy.
I will be recommending your services to others.
By the way, my wife also needs a professional resume and will definitely be coming to see you for you to do her documents also.
Thanks again, job well done

I first asked Wendy to look at my CV in 2007 when I needed a Professional impact as I was just about to hit the job market after being in a full time role for 11yrs. The CV was so spectacular I had 5 job offers to choose from within days of sending to multiple recruiters.
I took up a Telco role and was contracting at 3 times more money than my full time role. I cannot thank her enough and recently, about 7 yrs later I’m once again asking for her magic touch as the job market has changed with so many people on the hunt for jobs, my CV needed to stand out from the crowd to show my Skills were here on display.
I’ve had such a positive response again with many interviews that will lead to securing another perfect role. Well done and thanks again with my highest of recommendations.
PS, thanks for also helping me get my professional Network profile updated and the tips of using it to my advantage, as that had many hits from companies and recruitment agencies.

Dom G.

Christy A.

I don’t have enough words to thank and appreciate your assistance in doing my resume.
I was wondering why I was not getting the attention from job agents despite having all the skills, experience and the qualifications.
Now I know how important the presentation of the resume would be.
After re-arranging and fine tuning my resume to highlight my skills and experience, I have got a very positive response from all the jobs I applied and was short-listed for the interviews.
Now, it’s up to me to convince the hiring manager at the interview and to pick the best job offer.
Once again, thank you very much for helping me to fulfill my dreams.

A Stand Out Resume and More... Here's What You Get

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Your professionally written resume in MS Word format. You've done great work over the years and we make you look as good on paper as you are in real life.
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It’s your secret weapon to get the interview you want.

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P.P.S. And LinkedIn is looked at by over 94% of recruiters and employers, so a professional LinkedIn profile is critical to your success.