100% Free Resume Review

Congratulations on getting my guide on how to recession proof your career, it’s your first step learning how to go fearlessly from job to job no matter what’s going on in the market.

The next step is getting yourself ready.

By that I mean do you show up on a first date in your smellie trackies and unshaven / no makeup on?

Of course not.

You present the best possible ‘you’ that you can - you’ve got your best gear on, you’re looking smoking hot and yeah - you’re probably nervous as all get go.

There’s a fair chance your current resume is the equivalent of your oldest and smelliest trackie pants - it’s comfortable and you’ve had it for years and you’ve never really done much to it other than tack on your last role.

Am I close?

But first some background...

Early in my corporate career I needed a job since I was raising my daughter on my own and I had to have a good paying job.

(And that’s something I haven’t had to worry about for a long time. Now - I want to help people so they don’t have to live through what I did - that’s my motivation. I want to help people change their life for the better.)

When I was struggling to figure out the difference between my resume and a resume that got the phone ringing hot - it was a few small words from recruiters tipping me in the right direction that I would never have figured out on my own.

I knew I was close.

My resume was getting better and I was STARTING to get calls but it wasn’t yet at the smoking hot stage.

What I worked out was that I didn’t have all the answers.

No matter how hard I tried and worked at it, I still needed help.

A few words and clear directions, that’s what it took, a few words from a few recruiters gave me the information to go from good to GREAT.

From no calls to getting job offers straight away.

Sure I still had to write and test and re-write my resume.


The words, a few words and clear directions from a few recruiters were enough to steer me on the right path to massively change my world.

To help you, to give you a headstart on YOUR new resume, I’ll review your current resume and send you a summary review.

I’ll look at how you’ve formatted your resume and suggest changes.

Let’s see if you’ve used all the keywords relevant to your job title?

I’ll check you’ve listed the key ones.

And the big one - what you’ve achieved, what you’ve delivered in your job vs your job description.

This is the single biggest mistake I see and it’s the key thing recruiters look for.

What have you done - what have you delivered - what value have you added...

All this, I’ll do all this for you.

And I'll look at other secret-language things that make the difference between your resume getting snapped up or thrown in the bin - the difference between the phone ringing for your next interview and silence.

This is the closest you’ll get to me writing your resume for you.

You’re getting my personal review of your resume.

People pay me over $800 to draft their career profile documents so here’s your chance to have my eyes review your resume and get you started on your new career.

So, to sum up here’s what you get with my recession proofing resume review.

My time - I charge over $800 to write a full career documents package.

But you won’t pay $800.

Order this now, in the middle of our economic crisis - and I’ll do this for FREE.

That’s it.

I know what it’s like to be hurting with no job, no money and the bills piling up - now it’s my time to give back to my community and help my people.

Send your current resume to me at Wendy@resumeelevator.com and I’ll have your 5-point review back to you in under 10 business days.

No strings attached.

No fee.

Nothing to pay.

Send me your resume, I’ll review it and send back your summary - for FREE - so you know where to start to use this time in lockdown to change your life and roar back into the world when the doors open again.

Send your current resume to me at Wendy@resumeelevator.com and I’ll have your 5-point review back to you in under 10 business days.

Live Long and Prosper